Top Best Destination Management Companies (DMC) in Dubai

Dubai is one of the most popular cities in the world. People from all around the world flock in Dubai for its unbelievable modernity as well as deep-set traditions, culture, and religious beliefs. If you are someone who wants to plan a holiday for you and your family or a large group of people, you would be looking for a reliable tour operator or perhaps a destination management company. If you are traveling with a large group or are a tour agent or operator, it would be best to be associated with a reliable destination management company or DMC in Dubai for a variety of reasons.

What is the Destination Management Company?

A destination management company or DMC usually acts as a third party between tourists or customers and travel agents or tour operators. Some DMCs also offer tour services directly to their customers. DMCs have wide-ranging knowledge of the local area and can easily access local resources. These are extremely important when planning a holiday in any place. You would find several DMCs in Dubai but to ensure that you book a wonderful holiday, it is important to choose the best destination management company in the Emirate city.

Top Best Destination Management Companies in Dubai

To make it easier for you, we offer a list of the top DMCs in Dubai and the services they provide. Once you have gone through them, you would be able to pick one that chooses your requirements in the best possible way.

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Rayna Tours

Rayna Tours is undoubtedly one of the best destination management companies in Dubai. Established in 2006, this company offers tours and holiday packages to UAE, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Georgia. is an online portal for travel agents and tour operators to book packages and tours for their customers. Some other services offered by Rayna Tours are hotel accommodation, visa application, and tour activities. The best thing about this company is that their website is extremely user-friendly, making it easy to search for and book tours, activities, and other services in a short span of time. With an easy and secure online transaction, it becomes convenient to book your tours from anywhere. Also, Rayna offers 24×7 live chat support for any query or issue.

Royal Arabian

Royal Arabian is a DMC that was established in 2004. Started as a 4-member team, the company has grown to more than 350 members in the last 15 years. Royal Arabian focuses on B2B functioning and gives assistance to tour operators, agents, tourism boards and travel companies to organize tours, activities and other tour related services for their clients. This DMC offers tours and holiday packages to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al Khaimah. Apart from leisure holidays, Royal Arabian also offers MICE related services. In short, this is a complete destination management company that is associated with the best hotels, has strong support staff and offers tours and holidays at competitive prices.

Adventure Leisure Tourism (ALT)

Another popular and successful destination management company in Dubai is Adventure Leisure Tourism or ALT. With the experience of around 10 years, this inbound tour operator has been able to plan, organize and conduct tours in Dubai for people from around the world. Some of their services include organizing city tours, visit theme parks and other attractions, desert safaris, dhow cruises, etc. Moreover, the company can help you get your UAE visa. In fact, they have a visa quota of 1000 monthly visas at Dubai Immigration (DNRD). The services of ALT are not restricted to Dubai but cover all the Emirates. You can also rely on the company for other travel related services like airport assistance, full insurance cover for every tour activity, access to a self-owned fleet of vehicles, etc. Be it a corporate event or a leisure holiday, Adventure Leisure Tourism promises to offer the best of Dubai and UAE.

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Orient Tours

Orient Tours is surely one of the oldest tour companies in the UAE. Established in 1982, the company offers personalized tour services in both UAE and Oman. The company prides in providing carefully planned, tailor-made tours that would take you to Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi as well as the major attractions of Oman. Orient Tours is an expert in planning and organizing corporate events and launches, unique desert safari tours, relaxing dinner cruises, etc. The company also provides round trips from UAE to Oman and vice versa. One of the major achievements of Orient Tours is that its Chairman, Sheikh Faisal Al Qassemi, was awarded the Global Achievement Award by the World Travel Award, for being the pioneer of tourism in the Gulf area.

Travel DMC

Travel DMC was started by a group of experienced professionals in the travel industry in 2011. Apart from Dubai, this company also offers tour packages to Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. However, Dubai is their prime destination and they offer everything from city and adventure tours to hotel and luxury tour packages in Dubai. The motto of Travel DMC is that not all tours are perfect for every tourist. So, they make sure that all the packages are customized as per the requirements of the clients. While their leisure holiday services are popular, they are also known for their corporate tour packages and visa services. Moreover, one of the highlights of Travel DMC is that they offer 24/7 online chat as well as free call support.

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With all the information about the top best destination companies in Dubai with you, you can opt for the one that impresses you the most. All of these companies are reputed ones and are popular for their high-quality tour packages as well as quick and efficient services. So, whichever you choose, you would surely have a great holiday in Dubai.

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