8 most Important Considerations before You visit Paris

How Know before You visit Paris

The city of charm, fragrance and love; Paris is a real gentlemen games. There is a lot to experience while being in Paris but there are some no’s that are appreciated to be followed. When you got to Paris for tour, you eventually learn how to live like a real Parisian. There are certain things that you should learn to do and to not do. If you are not going with such rules and thinking that you will be not accounted because you are a tourist then pardon me to inform that it’s just otherwise. So, when you visit Paris this time, make it sure to keep these 8 things in consideration so that you can avoid any trouble and can enjoy your tour to its best.

  • Avoid ornamental cafes:

Although when you foot- in Paris you will find a lot of fancy things from sitting places to shops and dining  because Paris is all about lavishness but still avoiding fancy cafes and dining is recommended. If you are wondering why then it is because when you choose a lavish sitting you have to pay way too much for a solo cup of coffee. So instead of being at fancy big cafes, try to search for small ones in less touristy vicinities. You have to pay less and to be honest, it will taste way better than a coffee in an expensive mug. In many of such cafes you can enjoy your coffee even in just ‎€1.

  • Learning a bit French would be helpful:

Language always plays a vital role in making people far apart or close together; same

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Paris 123

goes with your tour to a foreign land. Though complete command to another language is not a kids’ game but having a few words in hand can aid you out to get mixed up with people. When you visit Paris, try to speak out some words in French as it will help you to be appreciated. Parisians are not rude people but they just prefer to talk in their native language. A simple ‘Bonjour’ (Hello), ‘Je vous remercie’ (Thank you) and ‘merci’ (a short way to say Thank you) will show that you are trying and it helped many people to get their desired answers.

  • All glitter is not gold: honestly speaking,

I don’t totally agree with this fact but in Paris it will work to some extent. If you are thinking that all the sparkly- sparkly will endeavor you the best then that is not actually true. Instead of looking for a killer view of the city from an expensive rooftop, try to find the latent gems like the Printemps Terrace where you can have a 360 degrees view of the entire beautiful Paris for free. Georg Pompidou Terrace can also be used for the purpose.

  • August is and isn’t the right month to be in Paris:

August can serve as an amazing time to visit Paris for the people who remain happy with the least crowds but would be a disappointed for the tourists who travel to see the hustle bustle of the other cities. August is the month when almost all of the Parisians are gone on vacations, leaving the city all by itself so would be great for the tourists who want to feel the city like their own territory. But be aware that lots of shops, cafes and restaurants are closed then so you can have a difficulty in finding a place to sit and eat.

  • Streets aren’t the trash boxes:

Keeping environment clean is not just the responsibility of a single person or a country but we all are required to play part in it. Still when people don’t get the fact then that’s where the authorities intervene. A new law has been passed in Paris that throwing trash out on the streets is a crime and the convicted has to pay a fine for the deed. If you are a smoker, don’t throw your cigarette remains on the street. A person is required to throw it in the bin and if you did not do so then you will be charged with an amount of ‎€68 which is a pretty heavy amount. So, don’t make your little cigarette too expensive.

  • Right is right in Paris:

If you see a person walking hastily on an escalator, don’t perceive it as a deviant behavior because that is completely okay in Paris. Parisians are pretty impatient people; impatient to that extent that they can be seen walking even on an escalator. So to help the situation, the natives have the rule that the standing ones are supposed to stand on the right while they are on escalator to allow the people to climb quickly on their left.

  • Don’t gamble on the streets:

Gambling on tiny games like the little cups game is seen more as a fun thing rather than a harmless one but in actual, it is a scam to steal money from the people. In your tour to Paris, don’t play such games on streets or buy anything thoroughfares because it may seem innocuous but there are a few people working together to make you believe it is safe. Avoid playing such things as you will only lose your money in it.

  • Don’t buy from big bakeries:

France is known for the best breads and bakery products and when you are in Paris make sure to eat a lot of that world famous bread and buns. But when you are on it, try to buy your bread from a local patisseries and boulangeries instead of a big chain store or supermarket as it tastes way better and is dominantly cheaper than the one from the expensive big bakery. If ‘artisan Boulanger’ is written on the front window of bakery then the goods are made fresh inside and are not frozen. Take one and satisfy your appetite while being not spending much money.

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