Best Places Of Eatery To Travel To – Around The World

Going to a world tour with your university fellows this year? Need to submit report pertaining to it? But have no idea where to travel or what to eat, since you have written boring stuff while providing Academic writing service?

Are you a foodie who wants to enhance your taste buds? Then, hold it on and don’t scroll further. Today, we have brought something exciting yet something informative for you. We have brought you some of the most world’s renowned places that are famous for their amazing food.

This is your place. I would guarantee you to note these places on your ‘MUST TRAVELLING PLACES’ list which you MUST not miss! I am such a cheapskate; my friends always call me but trust me when it comes to going out I am always forward. Why?  Because I love to travel and simultaneously, I am a big fat food obsessed. You too? Bro, High-five!

So let’s get to our favorite part! Get ready your notes and start writing.

1 – Khao Soi – Lovely dish from Thailand

I swear I’m such a big Maggi fan but when I had Khao Soi, I forgot everything around me! I fell in love with it, slurped every single noodle from the plate. Sweet, sour, spicy, but smooth and crunchy; and not what. It contained all necessary ingredients that a perfect-textured single dish has. It can be found in Northern side of Thailand but it’s such a must try dish. The dish is made in broth of coconut curry with fresh veggies serving healthy part and chicken fulfilling protein diet. It’s well garnished with stir fried noodles at the top whereas gooey egg noodles at the bottom. So write down NORTHERN THAILAND, and do have Khao soi on your visit. You won’t resist it!

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2– Chicken Curry – Saving your Money served at Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, oh I miss you! Such a beautiful scenic place with so pleasing people, you must not ignore it. Pen down this place and its specialty of Chicken curry. Wondering why is it so special; although it is served in almost every country. The specialty is it is served with so many side dishes unlike every other country in which you order curry and steam rice. Whereas here when it comes you’ll see dhal curry, various spices and mango chutney well presented with steamed rice along with Chicken curry. So, now you have one more reason to travel to Sri Lanka!

3 – Boba Tea – Blended flavors from Taiwan

Are you a tea or coffee lover? Then write Boba tea in your ‘must try foods’ list. Such a heavenly flavored tea it is. I am craving for it now while writing this. It was huge, decadent and chocolaty containing Dark Tapioca pearls at the bottom.

4 – Pad Thai – Bangkok’s traditional dish

Who doesn’t love Pad Thai? Is that you? Sorry bro, we can’t be friends. Hehe just joking! Pad Thai is a traditional dish, and I always make it whenever I can’t think of any other dish to make. Last time, when I visited Bangkok I had this with my friends, and we simply loved it. It’s full of simplicity yet tasted so amazing. Want to dazzle up your taste buds then give this dish a MUST TRY whenever you happen to visit Bangkok. I’m sure you’re going to love it, every bit if it! No doubt, it’s really easy to make but when you are going to have it in Bangkok I’m sure it will change your point of view.

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5- Vienna Schnitzel – National dish from Austria

If you’re a tourist then you must know about Schnitzel. It’s a national dish from Austria, and the Viennese style of it is made from cutlet of veal consists of a very thin layer, crumbed and pan fried. It’s such a heaven made dish and would surely say that it’s the best schnitzel I ever had in my whole life.

6 – Confit de Canard – Extraordinary dish from France

I LOVE FRANCE! From the romantic nature of French language, to the beauty of country, the villages, the lovable ambiance of France; aahh it’s AHmazing. If you’re looking for a place to visit, and unable to decide then pay visit to France. I promise, you’ll have there the best time of your life! My all favorite dish from France is Confit de Canard. It takes ages to prepare it. It’s cooked for hours to produce soft, moist and an incredible final taste. I’m such a big fan of this dish. You’ll also become, just give it a chance to prove! :p

7 – Trdelnik from Czech Republic

Calling all Nutella lovers! We love sweets and desserts but Trdelnik is such an incredible dessert which fulfills all the cravings of ice cream and cake at one time. Trdelnik is basically a chimney cake fashioned in a cone of delicious pastry and is filled with Nutella, strawberries and lots of whipped cream. Relatively inexpensive, this dessert can be easily found at any street of Czech. Just head over to any pastry shop, and there you have your very own Trdelnik. Visiting Eastern Europe, then never miss this spot of sweetness. Not a single thing beat this fabulous tasty thing, I swear.

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8– Brussels Waffles or Belgian Waffles – from Belgium

I always heard from my Belgian friends that their Belgian waffles are seriously another level thing. I had just a day to spend in Brussels and I wanted to taste Belgian waffles since forever. I’d say I never had these so tasteful waffles. They were fluffy and crispy in the inside-out. I ate them only with sprinkled powdered sugar along with hot fudge. There was no need in felt for maple syrup. And yes, don’t get confused with Brussels; Belgian waffles were called Brussels waffles earlier back then.

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