2 Best Portable HDMI Monitors For Travel

No matter faster laptop you buy, there will be always a need for you of a best HDMI portable monitor. It’s in the case when you’re a traveler or an office guy or a gaming enthusiast. Other than that portable monitors are also getting fame for watching movies. But the main advantage of a portable monitor is that they provide more workspace and reduces the time span which required for completing a task. Today my aim is to introduce some of the best portable monitors out there on the market that can help you better in your daily routine. Doesn’t matter if you’re a traveler or an office guy, these 3 best portable monitors that I am about to review are going to help you in all situations. So let’s hop over to that.

GeChic 2501C

GeChic 250 1C is the first best hdmi portable monitor for guys who are more into business and stuff or office work. The reason that I chose to review this portable monitor is because of its many options which can not only help you in your business but is also a proven portable monitor for office guys to improve their productivity level. That said; let me review the GeChic 2501C for you in details.
On top of everything, the portable monitor isn’t just restricted to the HDMI connectivity but it’s also has the VGA connectivity so that you can watch your favorite movies too. Just to make it clear, the HDMI portable monitor offers a 15.6-inch screen with the highest resolutions of 1366 x 768 pixels. Moreover, the portable monitor features a TN-Panel instead of IPS panel which is a good addition to the package. As a result of TN-panel, there’s no way that you would experience any lag.
Furthermore, the portable monitor has the aspect ratio of 16:9 which is a good feature. Speaking of the weight, the Gechic 2501C is 2.27 lbs which extremely light. Whereas, we have this these 1.4mm thin chassis on the portable monitor which in comparison to many other portable monitors in more thinner. All the ports are located at the same place but are separated differently.
The best thing is that it’s compatible with almost all of the modern and high-end laptops. There’s one great addition to the portable monitor which is the convenient stand. It’s meant for flat surfaces where I would recommend not to use it on the landscapes because it might fall. The other thing is the protection case which can cope with the scratches easily.

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Overall, Gechic 2501C is the best companion of a person who is more into business and office tasks. So if you didn’t found any best portable monitor for office work, then here’s the best flagship for you that you can buy today.


This one is for sure the most popular portable monitor on the market. Not long ago when it was launched and started to impress people with its tremendous features. It’s not like only this ASUS came up with this portable monitor. ASUS MB169C+ also has its predecessors which are offers almost the same features that the ASUS MB169C+ is offering. So I would shortly proceed to the other info about the ASUS MB169C+.
The ASUS MB169C+ has the ability to deliver 1080 pixels which is a decent resolution that you can watch every in high quality. In fact, you’ll enjoy doing your office work with the help of this portable monitor. Now I’ll not go into the depth but I’ll shortly discuss some of the factors for you guys.
Offers the brightness of 220 cd/m^2 with the maximum latter of 180cd/m2. Moreover, the screen is 15.6 inches. Apart from that, you are also offered with the aspect ratio of 700:1 where on the other hand it requires 7 Watts power.
You would probably have experience with the best portable monitor which is slow in performance. But unlike those, the ASUS MB169C+ has the ability to give responses in maximum of 5 seconds. The exact resolutions of the portable monitor is 1920×1080 pixels.
Moreover, the view from the sides is just perfect. You would be able to see all the titles clearly. However, there might be a little difficult to see some of the things not that clear because everything is from the sides. But the portable monitor will satisfy you in all means.

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Overall, the ASUS MB169C+ is the best portable monitor for guys who are working in the office or on the run or traveling somewhere by delivering the best performance and screen features. You can even watch movies and other stuff with the help of this best HDMI portable monitor. However, here there’s not only the HDMI option, but you also have the USB option for more convenience. In short, buy it and know what it can do for you in all fields of life.


Finally, you now have 2 best HDMI portable monitors and also you have an idea that what these 2 HDMI portable monitors can do for you. So now it’s your turn to decide whether to choose the Gechic 2501C portable monitor or ASUS MB169C+. But keep in mind. Choose the one that suits you better. Don’t go for the wrong HDMI portable monitor. Furthermore, the monitors also have a high-end price tag. The only reason for that is because these best portable monitors are offering you the best possible features and of course, good things are expensive.
In the end, don’t forget to give us your feedback in the comment box or you can contact us if you have anything to suggest.

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