Cab booking tips

The time have come when India is moving into a digitalized world. Now all our day to day tasks or the very rare activities, all are possible online. Remember those days when you have to walk a kilometer to get a taxi. That too when you ask a dozen of drivers, one will agree to go towards your destination and then again it is sometimes out of our budget. But time has changed and we got a new service of booking cabs right from our hands without moving your toe. The driver comes to our home, picks us and our luggage and leave us where we want to go. But is it safe? Is it a better technology? How good is it? What are the facts that you don’t know about booking cabs? How can they help us in better ways? How safe they are at night? The only end to any question is its answers and here we will bring answers to all these questions to you. After long research and hundreds of reviews, we have come up with tips and suggestions for all of you while you book a cab.

We asked questions to so many people and we will share their opinions and at the end of the article, you will tell what our experts say.

Q.1 which app do you use for cab booking?

Most of the answers were Ola or Uber and all of them had their own reason behind it. I like this one particular answer by Ankita. She said “I have both Ola and Uber on my cell. Now they have lite apps so they don’t occupy much space. Whenever any offer is available on any of the apps, I go with it.”  She is smart. Isn’t she? In addition to this, you can also use coupons or deals while booking a cab like Uber Coupons to get a great discount.

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Q.2 How safe and convenient are these rides?

“They are safe most of the time, but as a precaution, girls should keep a pepper spray or some small weapon with them. These cabs are on time. They don’t make you wait much and take you to your destination on time.” Says Rashi.

Q.3 how do you save money from your ride?

“I prefer the app to my friends who have not yet registered on the app yet. This gives me as well as my friend some amount to be used in my future rides. I also use coupons available on the app” says Akash.

Expert’s advice:

Our prime purpose to use these apps instead of going out and booking a taxi is to save some money and have a comfortable ride. So we will give you the best tips on cab booking.

  1. If you are a new member and want to register, ask someone to share their invitation code. This helps both of you to gain some cash in your app wallet.
  2. It is not necessary to book a cab alone. You can book a cab in the sharing mode which again helps you to save some money.
  3. You can book different sizes of cabs and all of them have different prices for a single person, a bike is enough. They also bring their own helmet so you don’t need to carry any extra stuff. If you are two, you can book a cab in the sharing.
  4. If you are going to some event in your city, don’t forget to check coupons on your app. usually these apps provide special offers when you book a ride for such events.
  5. If you are booking a cab for longer distance, and it’s just a one night trip, I would suggest you book a two-way ride. This makes your journey tension free and convenient. It also helps your pocket to keep the trip on a budget.
  6. When you add your current location and final destination, please do the task carefully. If you need to make the driver to driver more than the destination, more charge will be added to it.
  7. For a shorter distance(less than 3-4 km) you can book an auto. They are not that bad with the comfort quality and you can save a very good amount of money compared to the money you will spend on booking a cab car.
  8. Try to get insurance for your ride. It just costs 50 paises or 1 rupee extra.
  9. For your safety, you can share cab details with your family. You also get a sos option on top of your ride details which will alert police about your location.
  10. You can also pre-book a ride even before 10 days. Yes. These options are available on sites like Ola and Uber.
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We hope all these cab booking hacks will be helpful for you and your pocket as well. In addition to this if you are looking for travel agent job then it could be the best chance to try it.

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