Landmark Sights on Czech Republic Holidays

Czech Republic is the landlocked country in the Europe continent. Though geographically it is the smallest country, it has several landmark sights that deeply connect with European history. Prague the castle city with imposing buildings and castles stuns you with marvelous architecture. There are plenty of things worth exploring on Czech Republic Holidays. We provide you the best information to make your vacation comfortable and a delightful experience. All the top attractions are easily accessible and flanked by the best hotels to accommodate you. The climate here is chilly, you must be aware about the local conditions and climate before planning a Cheap Holidays to Czech Republic. This article throws light on some of the best things worth exploring on a holiday.

Top Attractions Czech Republic Holidays

Prague Castle

visit Prague Castle

This legendary castle witnessed over 1000 years of history, one of the marvelous sights to discover. It was built in some 10th century, provided hospitality to several Roman emperors. It was the official residence of the ruling dynasties, Habsburgs and Bohemians. This remarkable sight is a live example of European history.  It also underwent alterations and new constructions were also included. The Castle boasts rare architectural style. The landmark sights worth discovering comprise Basilica, Cathedral, and Gold lane. The old royal place stuns you with the most striking architecture. The garden adjoining the palace is dramatic with stunning landscapes. Make sure that you seek the help of guide to know some interesting facts about the Castle on Czech Republic Holidays.

Charles Bridge

visit Charles Bridge

You will enter the Prague city passing through this historic Charles Bridge. It is the most magnificent sight to explore; you will find plenty of photographs on internet of the bridge. Built on the Vltava River, on either sides of the bridge, you will find statues of several legendary personalities. During the evenings you will enjoy the most scenic views of surroundings. People even on short Prague City Breaks prefer spending maximum time on the Bridge, enjoying the best views of ambiance.

St. Vitus Cathedral

visit St. Vitus Cathedral

This imposing monumental structure of imposing an attitude has over 1000 years of history. The Cathedral is dedicated to the patron saint Wenceslas. The building’s importance grew over centuries. It underwent renovation over the period of time. You will admire the art forms and scenes that depict on the St. Wenceslas. You should not give a miss to this landmark sight on Czech Republic Holidays.

Fearsome Experience

The tough times of medieval age, thousands of people died of the plague that gripped entire Europe. Interestingly, the human skeletons of that era were used artistically to construct the bone church. Some around 70,000 people’s skeletons were used in a creative fashion to construct archways and chandeliers. This impressive sight could also generate fear in you, be careful if you are travelling with your kid on Czech Republic holidays.

Kutna Hora

visit Kutna Hora

Just some around 80 kilometers away from Prague, you will find Europe’s heartland for silver mining. This region is called Kutna Hora, UNESCO recognised this site as a world heritage site. Many of the cities were financed for development through the money earned from this region. The site also includes Baroque style Cathedral. Dedicated to the patron St, Barbara. In addition, there is a Czech Museum of Silver. It offers great learning about mining in the surroundings for both kids and adults. Make sure that while planning an All Inclusive Holidays to the Czech Republic, you pay a visit to this site.

Czech Republic is magical for everyone. The castles, natural landscapes and some fantastic food, makes your vacation a delightful experience. For best savings on Czech Republic Holidays dial 0203 883 8239.

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