10 Ideal Budgeted Travel Destinations

Don’t stop yourself from exploring the beautiful, amazing or incredible Earth, just because of the budget. There are plenty of places that you can visit even in tight budget and it takes just few minutes to find them. Every continent has some places that you can visit easily; even those places that we consider expensive are quite budget-friendly if you know how to manage things and few tips and tricks. If you’r planning to travel within budget but don’t know where to start, here are the top 10 best budgeted travel destinations all around the world.

Fiji Island:

Most of the Pacific Island destinations considered expensive as food, resorts and services charge a lot and make hole in your wallet but not the case with wonderful Fiji. Though its neighbor islands are expensive with sharp marketing by Fiji water but you can visit Fiji Island while staying in your budget limit. Explore the primeval beaches, delicious food, top-notch dining and hospitable locals at very affordable budget. Furthermore, Fiji is a stopover on Fiji airlines so tourists can easily get cheap flights to Europe with deals. Because of this a small but active backpacker community emerged so you can easily find cheap transportation, accommodation and many activities particularly in Yasawa Island.  You can take advantage of these deals even if you’re not a backpacker and save lots of money. Fiji is must visit and also best budgeted place in region.


If we have to choose one place from Southeast Asia, Cambodia hits the list. It’s beautiful, very affordable with incredibly hospitable peoples. Cambodia is one of the most affordable backpacker destinations in the world. If you spend £40 per day, you are living large as in Cambodia you can get private air-conditioned room for £ 15, transportation across the country £ 15 and street food for £ 2. Cambodia is super cheap compared to its neighboring countries but you can enjoy similar beauty and activities and can meet some of the loveliest people in the world.

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Who doesn’t love to visit china? Though the days of super cheap china are gone but still China remains a budget friendly country. China is one of the best value places in Asia and even in the world. To find the best bargains explore the off the path cities. Even in big cities accommodation cost less than £ 15 a day, local transport less than a pound and food per meal is £ 2 – 4.

South Korea:

The emerging travel destination thanks to its k-dramas and kpop which are now recognize worldwide and many fans now want to visit this undiscovered destination. Beside media, South Korea has long history to explore, great food to taste, jaw-dropping beautiful countryside to please your eyes, nightlife out of the world and it’s also very high tech.  Till now, South Korea is one of the most underrated travel destinations. Won is the South Korean currency with 1500 won per £ 1, you can buy lots of things with few thousands won.  Looking for a South Asia budget trip, flock to the South Korea.

Central America:

If you’re looking for a nature place or want to roam ancient ruins with very less tourist, where you can also get yummy food, head to the smaller countries in Central America. Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Nicaragua are some of the best options. At these places you will easily find hotels around £12 per night and food for £ 2, as well as beer less than a pound.

Eastern Europe:

Countries like Romania, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Moldova are the cheapest travel destination in Eastern Europe. One can live like a king in these parts of the continent by paying just £6 for a room per night in Ukraine and around £1 for a liter of beer. Eastern Europe has same amazing charm and beauty that you can see in places like Paris, Barcelona or Prague by paying hundreds and thousands of more pounds. Visit this area of the world to experience little more off the beaten path.

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Portugal is one of the most favorite places to visit. Each time you visit this place I bet you will fall in love with it. It’s a place that has everything that makes it a dream destination, stunning cliffs, dazzling beaches, divine wine, mouthwatering food, historic cities, and jovial locals all at very affordable prices. Expect Lisbon, prices are very cheap all around the country.


Shocked to see Australia in cheap destination list? Because it is known to be incredibly expensive, still Australia can be cheap travel destination for you if you know few tricks. You can visit Australia in a budget, thanks to plenty of work exchange opportunities, many of Couchsurfing hosts, a well-worn budget backpacker trail and cheap groceries. Further, as Australian dollar drop, it becomes cheaper for UK travelers.


Thailand is a must part of every list about cheap Thailand travel destinations. It’s an unbelievable beautiful place and a heart of backpacking in Southeast Asia. You just have to spend £ 19-23 a day thanks to Thailand’s cheap food, guesthouses, local buses and beautiful attractions. Even if you want to spend whole time on the islands with expensive accommodation, you can enjoy luxury within £40 a day. Even if you pay £ 40, still Thailand is the coolest and cheapest destinations and should not be skipped.


Always one of the most bargain countries to visit.  You can enjoy nearly everything at very less, unless you book five star accommodations or eat only expensive western meals you don’t even have to spend £40. If you stay in cheap guest houses, avoid western food and take second class train, you’ll find it hard to spend even the £25 a day. Still this Asian country has a lot to proffer, rich and old culture and history, great food, curious locals, unique tea and incredible regional diversity. India is a gigantic land so you have lot to explore, take your time and enjoy lots of amazing things at this diverse land.

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