Why Ladakh Bike Tours and Mountain Passes Go Hands in Hands Together

There is land away from the horns of vehicles, the crowd, and the industrialization where calmness, peace, and nirvana blow with the chilly winds getting us high on life. Yes, we are talking about the land of Lamas, Ladakh. Since the Bollywood blockbuster “3 Idiots” premiered on the silver screen, Ladakh has been flourishing with tourists from India as well as around the world. With the tourists came travellers who loved mapping the rooftop of India over two-wheeler. So, Leh Ladakh Bike Tours came into existence to fuel the wanderlust of all kind of travellers.

How to reach Ladakh by road?

Two ways connect Leh to the other parts of the country. One way from Srinagar via Zoji La Pass and the other from Manali via Baralacha La pass.

Both the ways require an equal amount of willpower, determination, and wanderlust of course. So, it is no problem saying that Ladakh Bike Tours and Mountain Passes Go Hands in Hands Together.

Pangong Tso Lake
Pangong Tso Lake

Let’s start with the route which connects Leh from Manali. Can anyone guess how many Mountain Passes one has to cross to reach the capital city? One, Two, Three, Four? Well, the right answer is three. From Manali, first comes Rohtang Pass, then comes Baralacha La and the final one is Langtang La pass.

Meanwhile, the journey comes Gata Loops. Have you heard about a loop with 21 steep turns on Leh-Manali Highway? Yes, that is Gata Loops.

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Now let’s talk about the route which connects Leh from Srinagar. With no further mysteries to bring up, this route has Zoji la, Namika La, and Fotu La pass to reach Leh.

So one thing is pretty clear, If you have booked your Ladakh Tour Package or you are planning to do so with a two-wheeler to throttle your soul, one cannot escape the idea of crossing the mountain passes. They are constant no matter where you decide to explore the Leh.

Now, let’s us share some pro tips with you as it seems you are so keen on exploring the rooftop of India. If you had to ask us which Bike to opt for? We would go with the crowd in this. Yes, Royal Enfield Bullet is the ideal bike as at such high passes a motorcycle needs to a have a strong engine, excellent durability and various repair shops on the route. Did you take the catch Repair shop? Yes, we said that for a reason.

As Ladakh Bike Tours have got their fame, it gave an opportunity in the remote places in Ladakh to make some money other than through homestays and food. But there is one more thing, bike repair shops in the route. WIth ample spare parts and repairing options for Bullet (as it is preferred by majority), Ladakhis help out the travellers and in return, travellers give them some money which helps them in their survival.

Secondly, carry some High SPF cosmetics to beat the sunlight, wear and take woolen clothes, keep sunglasses to resist the glimmer of light when it falls on snow, first aid kit and a toolbox of the vehicle. Nowadays, there are air pumps which one can connect with a car and refill the air in the tires. You cannot use it in your bike, but you can ask help from someone who is with a car on the same route. It gives you an upper hand.

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We think this info is ample to turn a rookie to a responsible traveller, but if you seek more tips and guide for Ladakh, you can visit our website. Moreover, we have curated multiple Ladakh Tour Packages with separate USP’s. Have a look at them too!

If you want real experiences in the Ladakh mountains, you will admire our Ladakh group tours. Our group trips in Ladakh will have you feeling like a local. Expect iconic, unique and unexpected, authentic experiences are what make our Ladakh adventures so unforgettable.

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