Top 10 Reasons for Visiting Levi, Finland

Levi is a resort in the Lapland of Finland, a large region in Scandinavia, comprising of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. Located inside the Arctic Circle, Levi is now the fastest-growing skiing area in Lapland. You will find loads of snow and beautiful slopes in the ski season, between December and May. The resort is also famous for the stunning Northern Lights. You will get gorgeous views from Levi Finland.

There are plenty of other reasons to visit Levi Finland too, apart from the skiing and seeing the fantastic Northern Lights. Here are the top reasons why you need to visit.

1. Water Walking & the Northern Lights – Only 300 meters from Levi, you will find a large lake that remains frozen during the winter. You can walk on water here and also try ice fishing. On a clear night, you will also get a great view of the Northern Lights from here. Sometimes, the lights appear early, at 5 PM. But usually, it is between 8 PM and 11 PM. In an average year, you will get a sighting in about 200 days. It is only a short stroll from your Levi ski resort.

2. The Levi Igloos – These are the traditional homes of the nomadic Sami people. But now, many of these igloos have been turned into luxury apartments, complete with a kitchenette and bathroom. They have a glass exterior, so you always feel one with nature. Alternatively, if you prefer even more luxury and top amenities, you can stay at the cottages for rent at the Levi Finland resort. The Levi cabins look like the chalets of Switzerland and are fantastic. Enjoy all luxuries and amenities of modern lifestyle, while you are nestled within nature.

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3. See Santa – Visit the Santa Claus Village, a short ride from the resort. Meet Santa and the workshop of the elves here. See the Santa Claus Post Office. You can post a card back home or to friends from here with the Arctic Circle Postal Stamp. It’s a day-trip you cannot miss, especially if you are traveling with kids.

4. Elves Hideaway – This will be a magical experience. See their small houses and their school with tiny desks. This is the best experience you can have if you cannot meet the real Santa in person. Hear Finnish Christmas music, even if it is not Christmas time.

5. Reindeer Safari – A unique and rare experience. Ride on a sleigh pilled by reindeer and explore the many snow trails of Lapland. It’s a wonderful way to see the country. On the way, you will be served pastries and hot drinks. Learn about the traditional lifestyles of the people who live here and why the reindeer is still so important for them.

6. Dog Sledding – Another unique activity you cannot miss. There are many local operators in Levi Finland who organize dog sledding safari adventures. Speed through the pristine Arctic landscape, driven by Siberian huskies. There are many trips to choose from. If you are lucky, you may even see a sledding marathon, which is for hundreds of kilometers.

7. Visit a Reindeer Farm – The Ounaskievari Reindeer Farm is close to the rent cabins in the Levi Ski Resort. You can see up to 50 of these wonderful animals here. Spend time with them, take pictures, and even feed them. You can also ride on a reindeer sleigh here, just for a short while.

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8. Ice Fishing – No Levi holiday is complete without trying ice fishing. There are many lakes, rivers, and ponds around the resort, which turns into ice during the winter months. This is the perfect time for ice fishing. Get a fishing license, drill a hole in the ice, dip your rod, and try to catch trout. Daily licenses cost between €10 and €15, depending on the location. Levi holidays safari expeditions also serve sausage and coffee, while you are waiting for the fish. River Ounasjoki, Lake Pyhäjärvi, and Lake Immelmökit are some of the favorite destinations.

9. Horseback Riding – Visit the Lapin Saaga Icelandic Horse Stable, and better still, explore and enjoy the beauty of the Lapland wilderness riding a horse. These Icelandic horses are slightly smaller, but they are very strong. They can carry you easily through the woods and over the snow. You can go on a day trek, and even try moonlight riding.

10. Learn About the Natives – The local Sami people have been living in Lapland for long. They were originally hunters and nomadic reindeer herders. The Sami’s are the only indigenous people left now in the European Union. Visit a Samiland exhibition to learn about their history, traditions, and culture.

The Levi Finland resort is a great choice in Lapland. Choose a Levi cabin, stay here, and you can enjoy all these activities. It will surely be a very memorable vacation.


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