Captivating printed custom eyelash boxes that stand out on the retail shelves

The eye makeup is incomplete without false lashes. Isn’t that right? Obviously. They change the entire look at once. Eyelashes are widely in use at salons and households for party look to day-day look. It is surprising to know that the packaging of eyelashes is quite different from other products. It is due to the delicacy of the product and price range. The eyelashes are expensive whether they consist of artificial hair or the natural ones. Slight damage to the packaging can lead to a huge amount of loss. Thus the business owner generally prefers the most durable and sturdy material for their product. Apart from this, you may customize the boxes as you want. There are multiple ways in which you can make your product stand out among others and make it tremendous. Just like you can bring innovation inbox layout, printing techniques, and add-ons. Here is a brief note on how these things work and are interrelated to the sale of the product.

Consumers look for good packaging quality:

Wholesale eyelash boxes

Quality assurance is one of the primary value of every customer. Furthermore, poor quality can lead to drastic customer loss. Hence, investing in good packaging material always turns out favorable for the brand. You can use cardstock, cardboard or eco-friendly Kraft for your custom eyelash boxes. All of these are affordable and provides durability for the product. Also, the eco-friendly material is recyclable and reusable. People generally prefer such material over others due to increasing damaging effects of packaging on the environment.

Make it customer-friendly:

Wholesale eyelash boxes

The buyers always notice the packaging of the product then the product. If the layout fails to attract them in one glance they move to the next one. Clearly it is the manufacturer’s part to deliver the best quality. The manufacturing techniques must be wisely chosen. Die-cut saves you up more than the glued ones. They generally are easier to ship thus their overall cost is lesser. The most suitable layouts for the custom eyelash boxes is tuck end, seal end, five-panel hanger, and display box. It is on you either you want monotonous layout or not. It is also possible to merge two of the styles into one. For example the auto-lock on the bottom of the front tuck end box.

Get eye-catchy designs:

Custom eyelash packaging boxes

The best way to make your product fascinating is the usage of add-ons. The embossing or debossing the logo creates a depression on the box. This adds imbrication to the box. The text can be coated with gold and silver foiling. However, the various coating types of gloss, matte and spot UV are available in the market. Importantly a window cut on the facing surface of the box gives the customers a fine look into the product. The PVC sheet increases visibility and makes it convenient for buyers to shop.

Consequently, among all of the manufacturers in the packaging industry Plus Printers is the only enterprise that has remained successful in gaining customer’s trust. Visit the official website to get an insight into the range of customization in the custom eyelash boxes.

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