Gourmet before or after skiing?

Gourmet as a way of life

For many fans of the gourmet style of eating, it has already become a way of life.

The gourmet cuisine is associated with a true culinary art that includes only the finest foods and beverages.   The word “gourmet” is of French origin and literally means a connoisseur or expert of good food and drinks.

The meaning of the word “gourmet” also covers food that is prepared in a specific way, which contains more extravagant ingredients, dishes that are served with a lot of creativity and aesthetics, as well as the restaurants, which offer gourmet foods provide their guests with a real magical experience because of the chic atmosphere.

Nowadays this type of gourmet restaurants are popular in Bulgaria and they are related to the so-called “gourmet tourism”, places where the fans of gourmet cuisine can go in order to try something unusual and different.

Tourism in the town of Bansko

Bansko is one of the mountain destinations, which is a must for every European; the town is located in Bulgaria – a beautiful country in Southeastern Europe.  Bansko is a town that is small in size but it provides its guests with incredible opportunities for tourism.

The town of Bansko is located at the foot of North Pirin Mountain, at an altitude of 927 meters, close to Sofia city, the capital of Bulgaria, which is located 150 km away from Bansko.

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The conditions for mountain and ski tourism are excellent because of the alpine character of Pirin Mountain, and the climate allows the snow cover to be present in the months from December to April. 

Bansko is a perfect choice for ski tourism, it has ski runs with a total length of 75 kilometers, the resort is equipped with machines for artificial snow, as well as with several lifts – chair lifts, cabin lifts, and several ski tows.

The town attracts tourists from all over the world throughout the year, as there you can enjoy various entertainment events such as the International Jazz Festival, Opera and Ballet festivals, a number of festivals of arts and crafts, theater festivals, parade of retro cars, festive concerts in honor of famous Bulgarian figures, various sports competitions and events, ski-mountaineering competitions, and many, many more. 

As you can see, the town of Bansko offers a rich palette of entertainment, as you can find fun activities suitable for both adults and children.  When talking about gourmet tourism, Bansko is also one of the towns where the fans of gourmet cuisine can enjoy authentic, local dishes of the highest quality.

Gourmet tourism in the town of Bansko

Gourmet tourism in Bansko includes a tasting of typical regional specialties such as banska kapama, banski starets, and banski chomlek. But besides the numerous local dishes, which you can enjoy during your stay in the town of Bansko, you can also try some gourmet dishes that are unique for the region.

There are two very special gourmet restaurants in Bansko, where you can enjoy even more impressive cuisine. For example, Fondue restaurant is one of the most amazing restaurants in Bansko, which offers culinary masterpieces of alpine cuisine. Here the main focus is on the modern interpretation of the traditional Swiss and French cuisine, and the main dishes that deserve your attention are definitely the variations of fondue and raclette.

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Fondue is probably the most traditional alpine dish, which will be served to you in a very special way in the Fondue restaurant in Bansko, as you can choose between meat or vegetarian fondue, as well as there are various dessert fondues with different fruits and delicious chocolate. 

Besides the alpine cuisine, which you can try in the unique alpine restaurant in the town of Bansko, you can visit the Leonardo Bansko Restaurant if you are a fan of Italian specialties. Leonardo is one of those chic places where you can sense the Mediterranean vibes once you enter in.

The aroma, the atmosphere, the cozy tables, and amazing decoration just complement the incredible menu of a variety of authentic Italian dishes. Here all products are top quality, organic and/or imported from Italy, all pasta and dough are homemade and prepared in front of your eyes, and for sure they will charm you with the unique taste of the traditional Italian cuisine.

Both restaurants deserve your attention. Both restaurants belong to one of the most luxurious five-star hotels in the town of Bansko – Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax. Winner of many annual awards for the best hotel in Bansko and Bulgaria, Lucky Bansko SPA & Relax is a hotel where you will feel like a dear and appreciated guest!

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