How Can Differentiate Between Uber And Car Rental In London?

Uber has been a popular destination among Londoners since its establishment in July 2012. It replaces black taxis and more than three million people travel regularly. An estimated 25,000 taxi drivers suffer from 10,000 events per year. But does Uber use or replace rental? I think that Uber’s strengths and weaknesses and car rental should be considered a removable solution in the article – and in the car rental category between traditional car rental companies and new partners. Cost.


A great option for shorter or longer trips if you are not traveling at all. Uber is fast and cheap on short trips if you can’t afford it.

Upon request, you can watch in real-time after opening the Uber app. You can send it easily and usually arrange it within a few minutes. You can view driver information and comments in earlier work.

No worries. You don’t have to do much to be an Uber driver. Enough cell phones and credit cards. Uber is known for not obeying the taxi industry in hundreds of cities around the world and offering better, more transparent and free customers.


I love to travel. If you use Uber for long journeys, prices will rise dramatically. Car hire is always the easiest option.

The costs of overtime are increasing. Although Uber is generally cheaper than taxis in general, this is not the case during peak hours or breaks. because they have the advantage of using the bus route while saving time and costs.

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It is not good if you do not know your exact destination or if you have several stops at your destination. If you plan more than three trips a day, Uber costs are probably higher than if you rented a car yourself.

Ability to get to the destination on foot. If you think you can achieve your goal, Uber is for you. Otherwise, renting a car can be a more flexible option.

Freedom. Traditional car rental and peer-to-peer access platforms provide access to the car whenever you need it. When renting you can travel as if you had this car: you have complete freedom.

Very competitive if you make multiple trips a day or within a few hours, even on weekends and long trips. If you’re shopping, attending multiple meetings, visiting a family outside of London, spending a weekend with your partner, etc., it’s probably best to rent a car. Car instead of getting Uber Car Hire for everyone. One way.

Almost problems. Traditional car rental companies are known for their paperwork and annoying sales techniques that make customers buy extra or car insurance they don’t need. Not to mention the return of the car you rented, for fear of being accused of scratching the vehicle.

Fixed prices Car rental prices do not vary throughout the day and remain fairly constant throughout the year. That is why there are no surprises in this field.

It’s up to you (for some cars). Traditional car rental companies are certainly not needed. The peer-to-peer platform, however, extends vehicles to technologies that make them immediately available. For example, part of the Hiyacar fleet is equipped with QuickStart, which allows the driver to open and lock the vehicle through the application without returning a physical key. Some of these cars are available in “direct book”, which means that the car owner automatically receives a booking request for the driver.

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Driving costs and penalties. If you rent a car, of course you have to pay for suitable parking. If you visit friends or family who offer free parking, this should not be a problem. However, if you spend time in the city, you must take this additional cost into account. They were also contacted by the NCP as a guide. Not enough for a short and unique trip. Public transportation or public transportation becomes more expensive and saves time if you say that you are on a one-way street two or three miles. I hope these sentences have explained things about whether it is better to use Uber or rent a car. As I said from the start, the two are complementary and must be part of every London traveler’s “follow-up”.


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