Ireland aims to accelerate the growth of the tourism industry in Ireland

Fáilte, National Tourism Development Authority, Ireland aims to accelerate the growth of the tourism industry in Ireland. For the purpose, it supports tourism businesses with a range of practical solutions so that the tourism supporting organizations can efficiently manage their tourism business which will, in turn, ensure smooth visit and stay of overseas and domestic tourists in Ireland. This will ultimately lead to an increase in the number of overseas and domestic tourists to Ireland and the revenue generated thereof. The authority also manages tourist information centers across the nation to provide help, information, and advice to the overseas and domestic tourists. Fáilte Ireland drives to lure more visitors across the nation for business, vacation or luxury visits by showcasing unique destinations of Ireland along with their stories exhibiting the culture, history, ancient heritage, landscapes, etc. special to Ireland. The aim is to create an interesting experience for visitors by way of which tourism can be promoted. Various plans designed by Fáilte in the direction will certainly bring positive results by attracting more visitors for business and luxury to the land of Ireland. Since growth in the tourism industry is expected, the businesses in Ireland should be prepared to handle an increased number of tourists and facilitate them the comfort and luxury as desired by all tourists.


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