The Top 5 Capitals You Need to Visit at Least Once in Your Life

There is a saying, “Better to see something once than hear about it a thousand times,” and I couldn’t agree more. Traveling is a way to discover new cultures, meet new people, fill your life with memories transform the images from the books into real landscapes. All of the places on this planet have distinctive meaning, a significance that can be understood only if you spend some time in it. Moreover, traveling gives you a chance to take in the world and keep it in your heart, forever. If you believe in wanderlust, here are some ideas for you to start planning your next trip. 

1.   London, UK

Have you ever been to the world’s most famous Royal Capital? If not, that is the first capital you need to visit. London is sublime. It is full of history and modern trends at the same time, which makes it a very vibrant place. You can see and meet people from all around the world living, working, or visiting there, making it a real melting pot. The weather is usually rainy, chilly, and cloudy, but that doesn’t interfere with its magic. You can take it all in the literature, the royalty, the natural wonders, the sport and art, and fashion at the same time. It is safe to say that London is not only the capital of the UK but also of the whole world.

2.   Washington, DC, USA

Washington DC is the more serious version of the Big Apple, New York. The Capital of the USA has lots of malls, museums, monuments, and attractions that can make you feel on the top of the world. Plus, you get to see the White House, which is a symbol of the power and perseverance of the American people. The Capitol Building is another eye-candy that must be seen to experience its magic. It is the seat of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Just imagine how many important decisions that have affected and continue to do so have been made in its rooms? You simply must visit it to feel it. 

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3.   Athens, Greece

If you want to feel the presence of the old Greek Gods and all the myths and legends that are surrounding them, Athens is the place to visit. It is a city that was established among seven hills, and outstanding mountains surround it. It has been a vibrant city for more than three thousand years and is considered to be the cradle of Western civilization. It is also deemed the birthplace of democracy. Visiting it during the summer season is perhaps the best period of the year. 

4.   Vienna, Austria

You must visit Vienna because it is one of the most beautiful and culturally developed capitals in the world. It is charming rich in history, and splendidly located on the banks of the Danube River. Also, when you think about art, Vienna certainly comes on top. From exceptional historical museums, galleries, glittering palaces, and outstanding musical heritage, Vienna is the hidden treasure of Europe. The architecture is preserved and is a witness of the old times when civilization was far ahead before the other European Cities.

5.   Tokyo, Japan

If you are in the mood to get as now to the East as possible, head to Tokyo, Japan. The seat of the Government and Parliament, and the Imperial Palace, Tokyo is offering landscapes, modernism in infrastructure and design. Even though it was devastated in WWII with the nuclear attacks, it was rebuilt from the ground, and today is the world’s most expensive city to live in. However, for a traveler, it is an excellent opportunity for exploration because it is very easy to get around thanks to the superb rail and subway networks. 

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