Beautiful Kauai is a Great Island for Scuba Diving

The Hawaiian Islands offer one of the most beautiful vacation destinations that travelers have been visiting for decades. Of the islands, Kauai is less commercialized and offers some of the most natural beauty in the area. While the island itself offers awesome beauty, the underwater sights surrounding the island are even more amazing. This is the reason adventurous visitors travel to the island for the greatest scuba diving experience of a lifetime.

There is an amazing diversity of topography present in the reef areas off the Kauai shores that provide a home for a variety of marine life, and this offers a truly amazing diving experience. Diving sites such as Tunnels Reef found in Haena, Koloa Landing and Poipu provide nursery sites for colorful reef fish such as butterfly fish, parrot fish, trigger fish, moray eels and countless other varieties. The substantial coral structures, lava tubes and various rocky outcroppings are the perfect habitat for juvenile fish to grow and prosper. The coral structures and lava tubes truly make scuba diving in Kauai second to none.

The Hawaiian Green Sea turtle can be seen on almost every dive, and this is an incredible experience since these turtles are on the endangered list. These beautiful creatures are prolific around Kauai since their food source is algae which grows abundantly on the island because of the high moisture environment found there. The Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles often grow to over 300 pounds because of the abundance of their required food source.

Experienced scuba divers often travel to the Hawaiian Islands to enjoy the exceptional diving experiences and underwater beauty of the surrounding sea, and Kauai is one of the most popular locations. Vacationers who have never dived are also able to enjoy scuba diving by contacting one of the diving tours available in the area. Experienced instructors will teach beginners all the skills needed to be safe while diving, and all the necessary equipment is included in the price. Novice divers may prefer to stay close to shore in the water that is shallower, but they will see a wide variety of fish and sea creatures there.

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Boat tours are available for anyone who wants to venture out into deep waters, and dive instructors accompany every diver to ensure their complete safety and enjoyment. Adventurous visitors who are diving in deep water near the island may enjoy viewing dolphins and some of the larger marine creatures. Dolphins are curious and friendly so they may come into close proximity to divers, but the dive masters who stay close are able to ensure the safety of their charges.

Families often choose the Hawaiian Islands as a vacation destination their kids will long remember. However, scuba diving is not recommended for young children so the activity should be limited to teenage kids and older. Parents understand and appreciate that this policy is necessary to protect their kids from danger. The entire family including even young children can safely enjoy viewing the amazing underwater world by choosing a tour in a glass bottomed boat. Whether scuba diving, snorkeling or boating, vacationing on Kauai will be a treasured memory.

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