Leh Ladakh Group Tour: Explore the Himalayas 


Leh Ladakh is the dream destination of every travel enthusiast and adventure lover. It is the highest settlement in India at an altitude of 3,524 metres (11,562 ft) located in the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir. Leh is the former capital of the mighty kingdom of Ladakh and one of the largest towns in the present-day Indian union territory of Ladakh. Leh Ladakh is defined by its charming lakes, jagged mountains, beautiful monasteries and colourful festivals. The captivating beauty of the place draws people towards it just like how iron is drawn towards a magnet. 

Best time to visit 

The best time to visit Leh Ladakh is in the summer months from April to June. The temperature ranges between 2 °C to 16 °C making the weather pleasant to explore the place. The softening snow, the melting lakes, beautiful mountain range, picturesque landscapes,  all extend an invitation to the magical land called Leh Ladakh. The major highways connecting to Leh Ladak also open up during the summer reason resulting in the upsurge of tourists. The summer season also marks the tourist season of the region. 

For an adventure lover, the best time to visit Leh Ladakh is in the pre-winter months of September and October. The pre-winter season is the perfect time for camping, trekking and exploring the area on foot. One can enjoy the early winter chill in the breeze and the aesthetic painting that nature paints. 


Places to visit

Being one of the most famous travel destinations in India, Leh Ladak offers some of the most enchanting, beautiful and magical places to visit. Some of the places one can visit while on a Leh Ladak group tour are:

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  • Pangong Tso Lake

Pangong Tso Lake is one of the most beautiful attractions that Leh Ladakh has to offer.  Located on the Changtang plateau the lake stands approximately at the height of 4350 meters. One of the distinctive features of the lake is that the colour of the lake doesn’t remain static meaning the colour of the lake keeps on changing from blue to azure to green even. Along with the beauty of the lake, Bollywood has also contributed towards the popularity of the location. The lake is famously known for being the location of the climax scene of the movie 3 Idiots. 

  • Leh Palace

The Royal Leh Palace located on a cliff offers bird’s-eye of the beautiful town of Leh. King Sengge Namgyal built the royal palace in the 17th century for the residence of his family. Although parts of the palace are in ruins right now still it attracts a huge crowd every year. The rooftop of the palace offers some of the best sunrises and sunset moments.  The palace with its ancient Buddha relics, paintings, cutlery, artifacts, and many royal ornaments stand tall of the legacy and pride of the royal family. 

  • Magnetic Hill

Magnetic hill is known as the place that goes against the force of gravity. The famous signboard at the Magnetic hill reads “ The phenomena that defy gravity. Park your vehicle in the box marked with white paint on road”. The vehicle will start moving uphill rather downhill when parked at the marked location. The reason behind this uniqueness of the magnetic hill is unknown. Located 30 Km from Leh, at an altitude of 14,000 ft above sea level, the magnetic hill is a very popular tourist destination.

  • Zanskar Valley

Zanskar Valley is one of the most secluded destinations in India. Separated by the Zanskar mountain range the Valley spreads over an area of about 5000 sq Km and stands at a height of 13,154 above sea level. Zanskar Valley is famous for its alluring beauty and distinctive flora and fauna as well as for white river rafting. With scenic backdrops of snow-capped mountains and crystal clear flowing water, the valley is one of most sought after travel destinations in India. 

  • Nubra Valley 

Located on the former silk route Nubra Valley is famously known for its Bactrian camel rides. The two-humped camels serve as the major source of attraction for the valley. Along with Bactrian camels, the valley is also famous for sand dunes and arid mountains. One is required to carry special permits to gain entry to the Nubra Valley.

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The above-mentioned places just provide a glimpse of what Leh Ladak has to offer. One can also visit other places like Tso Moriri, Shanti stupa Ladakh, Kardung la, Spituk Monastery and many other beautiful places while on a tour to Leh Ladakh.


  • Do not get involved yourself in any kind of activity which might be against the Forest laws followed in India.
  • Do not travel with anything that can be interpreted as any kind of weapon. It is strictly prohibited.
  • It is advised that one should not use any material that can be toxic during a trip to Ladakh as it may land you in various difficult situations.
  • It is absolutely necessary to get all kinds of permits required during the trip beforehand so as to avoid any last-minute hassles. 
  • There are a lot of checkpoints on route to Leh Ladakh and also in Leh Ladakh also. One is required to present their Id- proof when asked.
  • While on the trip to Leh Ladakh, if you feel that you are facing issues with your health, then inform your tour operator or tour guide immediately. As they are practically experts when it comes to handling any kind of health issues at such high altitudes. 
  • Do avoid any kind of activities that can harm mother nature. While on a trip try and be a responsible person, one who knows how to have fun without damaging nature.
  • One of the aspects of being a responsible tourist includes not littering the surroundings. Hence, it is advisable to throw waste in their designated spots and not anywhere else.
  • One should always respect the culture and traditions of another person. When traveling to a certain place, one should be mindful of the culture and traditions of the place they are visiting. One should also not make fun or pass comments regarding religious belief and culture of another person. 
  • When visiting Leh Ladakh, one should stay close with their group members and strictly adhere to the instructions given by the tour operator or tour guide.
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Leh Ladakh is the perfect place to visit with your group to explore the unknown land of Himalayas. So go ahead and start planning your next group trip to Leh Ladak.


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